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People who watch Everybody Loves Raymond. These people are often very religious about watching this show when it is on, even when it is a rerun. They love Raymond so much that they devote their life to him and make a vow of chastity for him. People often spread Raymond's ass so wide that essential organs fall out if his asshole.
I just G'd your mom.

That nigga is a straight up G. He b watchin lots of that Raymond shii.

Shawty got G'd nigga cuz she b lovn 2 fuc Raymond.
dodane przez Bob Taft luty 14, 2009
4 12
The seventh (7th) letter of the aphabit. Imidiately following f and just prior to h.
Goat, gay, and gram all start with the letter g.
dodane przez Sponge Bob Square Pants kwiecień 20, 2006
13 21
1.)Friend(Both Questionary,Answer,etc.)
2.)Refering to a Ganster/Dangerous Person
1.)Was-Sup, G?!
2.)Look out fo' that G.
3.)*at a nightclub* Hook a brotha'up with some G!
dodane przez P.I.M.P. luty 20, 2006
5 13
A female's sex organ; a vagina.
It doesn't hurt that bad to get kicked in the G.
dodane przez anonymous sierpień 18, 2003
4 13
Avi, Logan, Taylor, and Charlie
yo that cruise crew is so G...
dodane przez Katinka październik 11, 2004
5 16
if ur goin straight G bout sumthin then that means that u were doin something without complaining. sometimes fo your friends.
friend1- he was actually gonna eat that raw meat!
friend2-haha he was gonna be straight G bout it tho.
dodane przez Tha Godfather listopad 22, 2004
2 16
a shortened term of gay
niggers are g
dodane przez gretta bobville sierpień 14, 2008
3 18