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making a place gay by just being there.
When Dago went to the club he gayed up the place.
dodane przez You know who it was. wrzesień 15, 2009
an individual that was in a relationship with a partner/lover that cheated on them to be with someone of the same sex.
Sol: Did you hear about what happened to my ex?
Al: I heard you got Gayed!
Sol: Ya. FML...
dodane przez Smoo Ve maj 30, 2013
The act of bullshit happening to ones self
while playing counter-strike i totally got gayed throught the wall.
dodane przez Kris luty 24, 2005
Shortened version of 'Gay Head' used to describe a person who has been a naughty mandem or a bit of an idiot. Everyone has a gay'ed moment in their time, even you, ya nubbin.
''Pat's wearing his mums socks again!''
''...lol what a gay'ed.''
dodane przez Squishy McNubbins sierpień 09, 2012
VIDEO GAMES MEANING: To be shot in the back, with no sight of a killer, or just plain getting killed and its bullshiznit
(><)*xOwndx*: Omfg, I just got gayed...
(><)*^x^*: Whatever dude, u got owned either way.
dodane przez Pen0r styczeń 11, 2006
A new term for two gay people getting married.
If the law says they can't get married, then let them get Gayed!
dodane przez Dan A. Root marzec 05, 2006
getting played by a gay guy
Gabe: he just got PLAYED holmes....
dodane przez Brandon Hartz lipiec 18, 2006