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Ghetto ass skoo in moco
damn! gburg is ghetto as hell!
dodane przez Desimanad7 grudzień 10, 2003

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Gaithersburg, MD. Middle of MoCo.
Duck, Buck, and Phuzz, all done had been up in G-Burg High School.
dodane przez Mike "Buck" McCloskey październik 21, 2004
Either lower or upper case. Alternatively, simply "The Burg". Refers to a town on I74 between Peoria and the Quad cities in western Illinois. Galesburg is the home of Carl Sandburg, and that fuck Ronlad Reagan lived there for a year or so. Home of the highest teen pregnancy rate in Illinois. The local economy consits of bars, churches and antique shops. In footbal season the Silver Front has free food for Monday Night Footbal and $0.75 drafts all the time.
Damn bitch, I gotta get out da G Burg, this place be crampin' mah style.

"Hey, youz wanna roll up to the burg for the weekend?" "You ate paint chips as a child didn't you."
dodane przez Th3Boon luty 14, 2006