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(adj.) extremely awkward, lanky, and/or funny. Derived from "gawky", but way better. May be used as a nickname (i.e. Gonks) or derogatory term.
"Gonks and Shneebs are so adorably awkward together."
"Yael is so gonky... just look at her argyle sweatervest!!"
dodane przez CANDYmeetVINTAGE maj 25, 2009
51 11
a term used when something or someone is funky different or weird. usually sound but not attractive. used when telling freinds there guy is un-hot.
girl 1:em.. hes really hot!
girl 2:no i think hes pretty gonky.
dodane przez lolly1991 maj 27, 2008
6 7
A male from the 90s who could be hot.. but is way too cliche eg: long "grunge" hair, tie-dye t-shirt.. you get the point
"That guys an effin hottie"
"Nah. Hes way too gonky for me"
dodane przez Charles Snapper wrzesień 10, 2005
7 8
a irish bloke thats thick as shit.
dodane przez DJM sierpień 24, 2003
4 13