A schooner of goon.
Jeff was drunk as hell after throwing back a few gooners.
dodane przez Jeff25 kwiecień 28, 2008
racist term used during the vietnam war to describe a asian person
gooners lobbed 3 mortatr rounds near the CP last night
dodane przez chinaman309 sierpień 05, 2005
a total cunt
that gooner is a total cunt
dodane przez Seany L maj 13, 2003
A person connected in any way with north London outfit Arsenal. Many campaigns have been fought for the name to be changed to 'London French' due to the team's large Gallic contingent. Their main rivals in London are Tottenham and Chelsea, although many Gooners hate Man Utd with equal venom.
I hate those Gooner scum.
dodane przez Dave Blyth lipiec 15, 2005
The name of someone who bullies those around themselves, yet has delusions of themselves being pleasent, or almost angelic like.

Also, can be described as someone with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
Elaine is such a Gooner
dodane przez Ann Onamys grudzień 21, 2006
Cheating, French, Pretends to Play soccer
Wot a Gooner
dodane przez Icey wrzesień 25, 2003
North London Slang for sporting misfit, wearing cheap aftershave and talking in a bad french accent.
Poor lad must be a 'Gooner' or what!
dodane przez Liam Brady luty 05, 2003

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