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A dutch word for a litter of piglets.
Dikzak Flikker! Grice Kutding!! Kutzooi!
dodane przez heyimonurbandic czerwiec 13, 2011
1 19
A noob, that has all the charm and charisma of a bottle of small pox, known to hang around school playgrounds.

dodane przez d3fy czerwiec 24, 2003
15 44
These kid's intend to be the weakest and dumbest kid's in yardville or Hamilton.Most intend on being gay and the girls are a bunch of nasty hoes who dont take showers....Stay away from these humans they are known to rape
Those grice kid's sure as hell can't fight!
dodane przez Unknown-(u want my name ask for it BITCH)- styczeń 20, 2003
17 52