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It's in the bag
Dude 1: N*gga please, that shit is groceries.

Dude 2: Why is it groceries

Dude: B/c that shit's in the bag son.
dodane przez Wally Deutchland luty 14, 2009
1. food you buy at a supermarket.

2. food you have ate.
Hey chief those were some good groceries.
dodane przez the great dick cheney październik 22, 2004
Your Package. The Unit. The Junk. The "Area". The groceries entails your general naughty region. Your Business.
"Jeb was distracted by the stank-weasel and did not see the incoming lawn dart. He took it right in the groceries."
dodane przez Jasmac kwiecień 24, 2006
background is blues/jazz(can't get any more urban) meaning a womans backside. one bagger two bagger you get the idea
look at those groceries
dodane przez kevin kelly luty 17, 2005
A slang word to describe something that is cool, cute, awesome, bomb and so on.
Kaitlyn: How do I look?
Tenley: Girl, you look groceries!
dodane przez coco fosho sho czerwiec 25, 2009
A place you pretend to go to get food but really buy drugs in the parking lot.
A: Yo, I need some "green beans".
B: Meet me at the grocery dogg.. oh yeah 50 bucks.
dodane przez John Day La Holmes maj 01, 2008
southern slang for food or something to eat.
"lets go get some groceries"
dodane przez Stevie P 53 lipiec 09, 2009