Used to describe something sweet, or extremely cute in nature. Often similar to that of the 'chub' on a baby's cheeks.
The way that she blushed was so grubby.

OMG how grubby was it when he stayed up late for us.
#cute #chub #chubby #adorable #amicable #likeable #cuteness #love
dodane przez Grib-Sue październik 10, 2011
A hilarious man who lives on the subway in the show Hey Arnold! The greatest television character ever. Easily.
Grubby: Get out of my house!
#lets #all #hold #hands #here #on #the #subway
dodane przez hijklmnop styczeń 13, 2007
A fictional character created by the famous cartoonist J. Ashton
Grubby and Mick (the sidekick) faught heroicly.
dodane przez Jon marzec 11, 2005
an adjectivde used to describe a person who looks greasy or dirty. Grubby people are usally ethier niggers or greasy puertoricans.
WOW that greasy ass diry piece of latin Lapporte is mother fucking grubby today.
dodane przez nigga bruce październik 16, 2004
Defining how Grubby someone is.
"Wow, that is a very grubby person. He must grubby a lot"
dodane przez Moustafa El Kassel Schenkhuizen październik 28, 2003
Your such a Christian
Christian is Grubby
#sex #drugs #grub and roll #christian #memes
dodane przez Christian is "Grubby" kwiecień 17, 2015
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