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A ripoff; something that is not worth what your are giving for it; refering to gypsies who make their living off of swidling others.
What a fuckin gyp!
dodane przez jihp maj 01, 2003
240 60
To be ripped off, or to get a bad deal.
"I spent $500.00 more than I should have for that lemon...I got gypped!"
dodane przez x styczeń 31, 2003
120 35
A derogatory term insinuating that Gypsies steal.
Man, you gyped me
dodane przez jdonut lipiec 07, 2003
134 79
Derived from the word 'Gypsy' and inspired from Borat, the word is commonly used my teenagers as code for the following: weird, crazy or just plain messed up.
I'm not going to lie, that girl looked gyps
dodane przez zhao yun czerwiec 26, 2010
10 4
guard your panties
oh sh*t here he comes girls g.y.p.!!!
dodane przez pantiesprotecter sierpień 24, 2010
1 4
Short for "Gypsy Nell" which is cockney rhyming slang for "hell", as in "trouble", "pain", "problems", "discomfort" etc.
Me farmers are giving me gyp! (My piles are giving me hell)
dodane przez petey_the_boy maj 22, 2008
31 46
An enormous crap; redolent of the piles of manure found around gypsy encampments. Either a noun or verb.
"Get out of my way, I feel a gyp coming!"
"I feel an urgent need to gyp."
dodane przez Denise Trott październik 15, 2006
10 106