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The word gypsy dribble is used to define the incomprehensible murmurs emitted from a person who has just woken up and cannot gather their voice, typically these individuals find themselves bed ridden till deep into the after noon at which point they still suffer from chronic gypsy dribble even after several hours of conciousness.

the person on the receiving end of such dribble, typically via telecommunication will be reduced to a state of emotional confusion depending on there temperament. Potent gypsy dribble is enough to bring a man to his knees.

The dribbler will more then likely regain composure quickly and deny all allegations against them, and return with harsh words.
Dom (4.30pm), phone rings....

Ayse: was appnin fuzzin, ohhaahhhhhh juzzz dozin omint... stu.....( followed by several strategically placed gypsy curses, all of which are in audible to the human ear, this is more speculation then anything)

Dom: feed me a bit more gypsy dribble why dont you, its 4.30 u dirty scrag wagon.

Ayse: get a dog up ur vag

Dom: gooooood thanks!
#gypsy #dribble #gypsy dribble #scrag wagon #early wake up
dodane przez the gypsy prophet wrzesień 15, 2010
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