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1. to the most extreme
2. the ablitiy to do many sexual favors
1.oh yea i she hit her like hardcore.
2. that ho's hardcore
dodane przez Jersey girl pgh czerwiec 18, 2005
2 8
An adjective used for those who ride mopeds and/or scooters with a look of extremity on their face. To be considered hardcore while riding a scooter or moped, you must be en route to a restaurant which serves mainly mexican cuisine, where the male staff all obnoxiously stair at each and every woman that walks in the door.
Abby and Hanna looked so hardcore on their way to el toro.

I feel like such a fruitcake on my built motor suzuki GS1100. I think I need to by a metropolitan so I can feel hardcore!
dodane przez PoPo yo bro sierpień 24, 2010
0 7
The core of all hardness.
Ed: Dave is just so...
Ben: Hardcore?
Ed: yeah...
dodane przez HmmfCreator maj 29, 2009
9 16
Where you take something to the next level and realy awesome.
me n yo mum dun it hardcore last night gigigiigity.
dodane przez lo0l0l0l marzec 15, 2009
2 9
people who are extreme are hardcore. Being hardcore is a rare talent and can only be mastered by few.
"Bobbie and Rachel are so hardcore, leah and i wish we were as hardcore as they are"
dodane przez bobbieishardcore maj 01, 2007
12 19
Hardcore techno is a form of contemporary popular music with an aggressive edge, created using personal computers.
In 2004 - It's HARDCORE!

Happy hardcore has some really upliftin tunes
dodane przez Tongued czerwiec 09, 2005
4 12
Act of sex where babies occur
I did it with her hardcore last night
dodane przez R0FLMA0 kwiecień 17, 2009
0 9