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Derived from the phrase, "sleep-over". A ho-ova is when u and ur broskie's hav a ho ova to da crib.
"Yo Stevo, u up for a ho-ova 2nite?".
dodane przez ANIMAL LOVA lipiec 28, 2010
the definition of a hoover or a female whore is used all around the streets of miami defining a girl who is all about action and only good for action and is nothing but action often derived from the word hoe but is used as hoova for humor purposes
yo dog im so tired of these hoovas on my dick braaa they dont leave me alone bra.


yo where the hoovas at dog i gotta smash one tonight!
dodane przez paulskees maj 09, 2010
ScHoolBoyQ's favorite word
Yo, we should have a hoova.
dodane przez Oscar23456789567890 styczeń 12, 2014
One who over indulges in the art of "sucking".
Damn, shes a HOOVA!
dodane przez mwa ha ha haa... luty 06, 2003