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A masterbation session before college/school usually when you have just woken up.
Wake up, no mum dont come in. I'm having a hooper
dodane przez TymMonkey marzec 04, 2011
98 42
A good basketball player
Jason Kidd is a Hooper because he can put up a triple double any given night.
dodane przez LD_707 maj 15, 2007
84 56
A proffessional hula hooper or a person with extraordinary and original hula hooping skills.
That hooper is awesome she has 25 hoops going at once spinning around her body.

Hooping is becoming a global tribe and performance-art form thanks to festivals like burning man.
dodane przez Giada D. sierpień 13, 2009
64 44
People (mostly hot chicks) who are into the 'art' of hula hooping and related interests. Part of a 'tribal movement' reguarding the hula-hoop popular in modern cultures; also any species that 'hoops'.
Who were those hotties? Did they have hulahoops

Those hot bitches were hoopers from down south
dodane przez Bill Lumburg październik 12, 2005
18 11
A female of latin origin/descent who prefers to only wear giant hoop earings.
It would have been hard to spot Carmen at the Carneceria, had she not been such a Hooper!
dodane przez King Hooper grudzień 30, 2010
14 15
Hooper (s.), Hoopers (pl.): Adj, Noun, Verb

Nonrespectable caucasian female who models her lifestyle and personal choices of the stereotypical common image of an African American. Often known to wear clothing and accessories advertised in popular hip-hop magazines, hoopers solo goal is to impress and seduce the African American male.

Common places to find hoopers include nightclubs and parties with predominately black attendance. Hoopers are typically easy to sleep with and often have extremely high numbers of sexual partners. Though some do not, the most distinguishing marking of these woman are the silver or gold hoop earrings that they usually wear.
Adj: "That white girl with the fat ass is a hooper for sure!"
Noun: "Hoopers always suck dick."
Verb: "That girl hoops on the daily."
dodane przez Professor Stone luty 06, 2011
7 9
When it is used as a name it is used to define a white gay queer.They are blonde, white and have freckles

When encountering a Hooper

Make sure you stay put they will react to sudden movements.

Behaviour of a Hooper

They always think they are the best and they also ego too much. They have big mouths and live in a tiny world. They usuallly Flirt and try to get girls but girls accept him as a gay friend
<Ernest> hey i'm grade 7 in piano and im in the 7th grade

<Chris> You suck im the same grade as you but im in grade 4 Piano playing grade 8! you suck shit!

<Ernest> (leaves,walks away and mumbles) what a Hooper
dodane przez xXNoobskiXx maj 04, 2009
19 21