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someone who is buff and huge
Shaq is a hoss
dodane przez dolman luty 23, 2003
71 94
Some one who thinks there a boss but there really a faggot
Geoff Hall is a Hoss
dodane przez Bear Gryllz marzec 12, 2010
5 29
The embodiment of male on male sexiness.
Man Enrique Bello is so Hoss.
dodane przez A. Hernandez grudzień 27, 2007
8 32
Someone who is extremely large in size or body mass.
Guy1: That girl is a hoss!
dodane przez tapit grudzień 04, 2007
18 42
Origin of word: Milwaukee, WI
Horse, stud, well endowed guy. Name essentuates playa credibilty.
From the song by Nas "Oochie Wally"
I'm the thrillah in Manillah.
Biatches call me Hoss, the pussy fillah!
dodane przez Marko Schmidt listopad 20, 2006
25 50
When used by a white person, this word means the coolest badass that ever lived and connotes a sense of brotherhood. It is a term generally used in the South among males between the ages of 16-24.

When used by a non white person, this word is used to describe a white person who thinks he is way cooler than he actually is. The stereotype hoss according to the non white person is an 18 year old high school football player with a truck and a cowboy hat, who talks a big game but has a poor education level.
Steven Scott looked up to the characters on Varsity Blues and wanted to be a hoss just like them.

Tyrone Mofugga saw a bunch of hosses riding in the back of a pickup truck yelling "faggot" to everyone passing them by.
dodane przez Tyrone Jiggadubz marzec 03, 2010
84 111
one who is large, fat, obiese, over weight
that woman down there eating all that food is a hoss
dodane przez loooooooooo lipiec 10, 2008
1 29