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environment that favors rapid growth or development.
The riverside neighborhood was a hotbed of crime.
dodane przez Morgan Tierney październik 31, 2006
where one bed is shared by two people who work "shift work", they sleep at alternate times, as one wakes up, the other goes to sleep, hence having a "hot bed"
Sid drew the short straw and got the hot bed!
dodane przez longducdong sierpień 16, 2010
a place where something is in abundance
The second level in thier latest game was a hotbed fopr glitches.
dodane przez The Return of Light Joker lipiec 24, 2009
a place where an item or activity is extremely popular
North Carolina, Kentucky, and Indiana are hotbeds for the sport of basketball.
dodane przez hoopsjunkie grudzień 26, 2011