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A sudden malnourished feeling; to be awakened by the smell of something so delicious that even a tiny morsel might be satisfying.
Why do I smell eggs and bacon? Now I'm hungry.
dodane przez hunger games kwiecień 17, 2013
Eager to take on unnecessary extra work, in order to ingratiate oneself with the bosses.
"He volunteered for a double shift, AGAIN.
Sheeesh, what a hungry brown-noser."
dodane przez Zeoni Belill grudzień 28, 2008
slang for good looking or "fit".
the opposite of which may be "stuffed" or "full".
"mate that girl is well hungry"
"nah mate she's fucking starvin'"
dodane przez George G sierpień 26, 2007
a feeling commonly felt by jessica beaudet
im hungry
dodane przez amidtoadss maj 31, 2009
A fat bitch; one who eats for sport.
Did you see that hungry bitch with the 7X7 at In n Out?
dodane przez samaggie październik 21, 2007
wanting lots of money
man im really hungry , i'm goin to look for a job
dodane przez Marcus czerwiec 05, 2004