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The rag you use to wipe your load up with after beating off.
Don't leave your jack rags on the bathroom floor.
dodane przez wino joe maj 06, 2003
79 22
A piece of cloth used to catch the ejaculate that shoots out of one's penis when he masturbates, or "jacks off".
"I can't believe your girlfriend is using my hork-encrusted jackrag as a napkin! Gee, she wipes her mouth an awful lot."
dodane przez Fo Shizzle My Nizzle czerwiec 08, 2004
13 0
a rag or piece of clothe used to catch ejaculation when masturbating.
Hey bro i used your tee shirt to jack off on. Hope you don't mind
dodane przez ikonworx luty 09, 2004
18 21
Any form of cloth used to clean up with after jacking off.
"Quick, I'm about to cum, hand me my jack rag."
dodane przez BRAUCHWURST kwiecień 19, 2003
16 22
A pornographic magazine that provides visual stimulation.
Jay was up shit creek when his wife found his jack rag under the bed.
dodane przez Byourn kwiecień 06, 2004
5 32