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Another nickname for sexilicious hotass actor Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.
Hey Jennybean, you have real pretty lips.
dodane przez MyLola wrzesień 25, 2010
A jennybean is noun, a female of the human species, one with lovely eyes, a beautiful smile, very sweet lips, and all too often with far too much heart. A jennybean usually gives more than she takes, and like that synonym jellybean, is often something that you can't seem to get enough of.
I met a true jennybean the other day, and now can't get enough of her!
dodane przez AnonyMon grudzień 07, 2007
A cute girl with big beutiful eyes
dodane przez shane tope październik 06, 2003
a very very atractive girl. Of polish decent.
Yo pep on that fly jennybean
dodane przez Shaun Saint październik 03, 2003