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n. a form of sexual protection;a Condom
U can beat with out that jimmy hat
dodane przez Deathscythe kwiecień 03, 2005
47 42
Ubiquitous tourist tat of Scotland: A tam o'shanter hat (a kind of tartan beret with a pompom in the middle) with ridiculous red hair attached to it, designed to make tourists look like they are trying to blend in with mythical highland natives.

Also known as a See You Jimmy hat.
Get that fuckin' daft Jimmy hat off yuir head, ye twat. D'ye want tae get us beat up?
dodane przez Fergus Ray Murray maj 17, 2007
46 86
THE J I M M Y the J I M's Jimmy. Famous Boogie Down Production's (BDP) song about condoms and condom use. Jimmy hats are in Full effect
Always roll strapped with a jimmy hat
dodane przez Salvatore Vincent wrzesień 26, 2005
43 94