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to have a strong need, desire, or craving for something.
see also: jones
Sheeeit beeeitch after smokin' dat weed I'm jonesing for some grub!

Shaniqua is mad jonesing for Rasheed, dat bitch follow him around everywhere.
dodane przez Nick D marzec 18, 2003
1847 642
craving; wanting
I'm jonesing for some sushi.
dodane przez krystal sierpień 13, 2003
903 332
the act of needing something badly. Usually related to chemical dependency.
I've been jonesing for a joint all day.
dodane przez Grant listopad 08, 2002
713 347
Exhibiting a strong craving or desire for something eaten, imbibed, or taken as a drug. Comes from opiate culture.
Man, I'm *really* jonesing for a cup of coffee right about now.
dodane przez Dennis październik 10, 2003
560 292
After Jones Alley, NYC 1960's. Craving for addiction.
Jonesing for a hit
dodane przez SLBear maj 11, 2010
189 122
Comes from the street term for heroin, and associated with an addiction or craving. Not affiliated with 'keeping up with the jones'.
It's Friday night and I'm jonesing for a drink!

She was jonesing him at the concert.
dodane przez krohnanator listopad 20, 2008
204 161
comes from neighborhood crack addict/favorite local "Mr. Jones" of Madison, Wisconsin who would wander State Street looking to score.
You wanna go downtown? You look like you're jonesing real bad.
dodane przez ElScorcho lipiec 30, 2007
9 8