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what is happening or what is going on
Last night Tom and I heard some crazy shit down at Rosie's so we went down to see what was junko
dodane przez r0ssmed0s styczeń 13, 2009
6 3
Small mythical creature seaking yaoi and jrock love from Gackt. Known to be quite hyper and use a folder for hurt.
"OMG did you just go JUNKO on my ass?!"
dodane przez Princeoforange wrzesień 06, 2003
8 18
a person it doesn't matter if they are rich or poor that just isn't clean about things that wear dirty or wrinkled clothes, throws trash on the ground, their house is a mess, and never combs their hair.
Wilbur tossed his twinkie wrapper on the floor, what a junko.
dodane przez cardinal_fan listopad 04, 2004
3 27