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A product made my tomatoes.
I put ketchup on everything.
dodane przez Saints październik 22, 2003
27 18
A word used in elementary school when "shut-up" is banned by the administration.
Brian: Hey Marcie, gimme some of those hot cheetos.
Marcie: Ketchup!
dodane przez Faithful Elephant listopad 03, 2009
14 9
ketchup; a synonym for a red totamotoey liquid mushed up.
Kendra, will you please pass the ketchup?
dodane przez Kendraaaaaaaameoww październik 14, 2011
2 3
is when you go round a persons house who is not of a nice clean nature and their house is dirty and smells of bo, rotting food , gone off tomatoe ketchup.
God that holly girl i went round her house the other day and she is a ketchup with her ketchup friends hannah and her 2 children emily and jas ewwww! clean your house
dodane przez kwiecień 14, 2009
9 10
Tomato flavored syrup.
"What is this I'm licking off your chest?"
dodane przez T-bonet luty 13, 2009
13 15
A tomato based condiment used to spice up yo night.
I got ready and blew ketchup all over that HO's face.
dodane przez asphault kwiecień 21, 2005
29 31
Time of month because your period is red and ketchup red so ...
also see monthly visitor
girl 1"Hey you wanna come over for a sleepover?"
girl 2"No i cant, Ive got ketchup until friday"
dodane przez Kitchy Kitchy luty 06, 2010
2 7