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if somethings kick ass, its really cool. Great! As in it kicks the ass of all else. It can be inanimate and still kick ass. lol- inanimate, like busted's career
"That kicks ass"
"Wow! I kicked ass"
dodane przez dead fly maj 22, 2004
cool, great
Look at this kickass website, www.urbandictionary.com
dodane przez nhgd listopad 07, 2003
something that's really incredibly awesome
You're hair today is totally kick-ass
dodane przez Anonymous październik 30, 2003
Verb: To be really, really, really cool. <present tense>
He/She/It/That Dude/That Chick, kicks ass!
That is an amazingly kick ass pair of lips on that woman's face.
dodane przez Lex maj 20, 2004
A word used to describe something that is cool or pleasing to you. A very skater word - used very commonly.
person 1 : I got an a* in chemistry
person 2 : KICKASS

Person 3: wow that concert was really kickass
dodane przez Who cares? październik 06, 2005
awesome, chill, cool, fun, exciting, daring
There is a kickass party tonite at Nicole's house.
dodane przez Hottie Girl kwiecień 27, 2002
very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME...
The USA Olympic basketball team is kickass!
dodane przez VAKI5 maj 07, 2005