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The human being's sex drive.
Most of those over-the-counter pills that claim to increase libido are simply snake oil.
dodane przez AYB czerwiec 27, 2003
754 96
its a great word!-a human beings sex drive.
A mullato, An albino, A mosquito, My libido! comes from a very great song:)
dodane przez Courtney SciaScia kwiecień 26, 2005
510 163
the human's sex drive, and quite possibly the best thing of our conciousness
Eric! Control your libido when you're around Makali!
dodane przez The Sexual Hurricane, Vincent grudzień 02, 2008
201 107
an increase in sexual tenshion or sexual desire
my libido...a denial -NiRVANA
dodane przez SkaEmoPunker13 marzec 05, 2003
183 229
The vanity license plate of an individual with an incredibly small penis.
The guy who owns that car with the libido license plate must be compensating for something.
dodane przez Moustapha Chadwick luty 15, 2005
108 285