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adjective. Describing the size of an object in proportion to ones own size. Also used to describe the size of a woman's breasts.
That woman's breasts are lumbo.
That dude's head was fucking lumbo!!!
dodane przez Barry Lawhorne, Jr. kwiecień 25, 2005
Short for "Columbian", used especially when referring to marijuana.
"Hey you got any kind bud?"
"No, all I got is some lumbo right now.."
dodane przez MustangGT październik 25, 2005
Colombian marijuana(from an incorrect spelling of Colombian)
He was caught with an ounce of lumbo
dodane przez Light Joker marzec 02, 2007
A state of euphoric oneness and total balance when the game is good.
He is beating eveyone today. Yes the lumbo is strong with him.
dodane przez BUNGL3 czerwiec 18, 2003
A state of mind whereas you become one with the game, the earth and the heavens, simaltaniously.
Game is lumbo, gg
dodane przez w0rM czerwiec 16, 2003