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describing something that is super,great,magnificant,awesome
The dinner was magno.
dodane przez Filosa lipiec 20, 2006
Magno is another word for snitch. Because thats what a Magno does is snitch. Magno also stands for bitch, snitch, and a person that just cant get a girl.Mango is also meaning pathetic.
Dont trust Keith hes a magno.
dodane przez Josh Youknowwho grudzień 05, 2006
"magno" is short for MAGNOLIA. People from Magnolia High School in Texas like to refer to their town as MAGNO. To make us look less lamer because we're from Magnolia.
Jill: "Hey! Where are you from?"

The boss: "OH! I'm from MAGNOOO!"
dodane przez J Vinson! marzec 26, 2008