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A homosexual term, usually referring to the bottom, meaning a male's butthole.
Gary stuck his penis in Vinny's manjina.
dodane przez aaronrogers maj 09, 2009
18 25
guy puts his penis in between his legs
Manjina; the part in one of the Hannibal lector films when the guy puts his penis in between his legs and says "Would you fuck me, I'd Fuck me".
dodane przez Adam C H październik 25, 2008
44 26
When a man squezes his belly horizontaly from side to side to create what roughy looks like hairy female genatalia opening
"errrr look at that hair Manjina"
dodane przez Rossi is great marzec 08, 2007
60 58
a figure of speech relating to when its cold outside... and the the balls and dick shrink drastically
dude its so cold out there that after a few seconds i got a man jina!
dodane przez OdensRage luty 18, 2008
7 10
a man with a no penis and has a big fat hairy vagina
look he doesnt have a penis he has a manjina
dodane przez bdon kwiecień 27, 2006
50 58
A male ass that has been penetrated numorous times purposely
thats why your dad has a manjina
dodane przez NOTU sierpień 17, 2006
41 51
1. A man totally controlled by a woman
2. A weak willed man
Tom's wife has him in her right front pocket, he is such a manjina.
dodane przez Yogi Donnie styczeń 17, 2008
18 35