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A mansion is a generaly a big house. People like Hugh Hefner can afford to have and live in a mansion.
Come to the mansion for the next party
dodane przez Alex Panzer lipiec 09, 2005
84 24
A Huge Fuckin' House
Thats one huge fuckin' house!
dodane przez Aaron styczeń 24, 2003
55 37
Being strong and independent; Being able to stand on your own.
Kate Nash's Mansion Song:

"I am a mansion, I am a mansion, I won't take none of your shit!"
dodane przez surewhynot listopad 15, 2011
14 5
A big House generaly lived in by Rich peepz and toffs
Woah, That Jenny lives in a fuckin huge Mansion!!!!!
dodane przez VikkinDave styczeń 07, 2009
15 15
Villa. Big House of Rappers.
Thug mansion) Ain't no place I'd rather be
The only place that's right for me
In a chromed out mansion in paradise
In the sky
Tupac Shakur "Thugz Mansion"
dodane przez MC Archi styczeń 24, 2004
13 41