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1.) What you do when your girlfriend is not at home.

2.) The reason why people buy playboys.

3.) The reason why old people are having more heart attacks.

4.) The reason why birth-rate decreased by 60% in the last 20 years.

5.) What 30% of the world population is doing now.
The old man had several heart attacks due to his recent masturbations. He had too much excitement
dodane przez Jake kwiecień 22, 2005
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to stimulate the genetails mainly
1. the doctor said for me to masturbate in that
2. masturbating is not as good as scuttlin
3. i get handjobs so i masturbate but not with my right hand
4. stop masturbating in your wanking chariot
5. masturbating is dirty
dodane przez lucas bolton kwiecień 06, 2006
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How stupid are you that you need to look up in Urban Dictionary to know what masturbate means?
Masturbate? You're kidding me if you're saying you dont know what it is!!!!
dodane przez FatFastStrong październik 20, 2009
16 47
to fire ones death star
to open ones fire hose
dodane przez anonymous styczeń 25, 2003
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when yu feel ur self after bein soo horny dat yu cant take it no mo,

or the act of havin sexual pleasure by urself o ur partner doin it fo yu,

or again feelin ur

guys: dick aka cock

female: pussy

in a way dat yu feel lyk ur havin sex 4 real.;)
i wuz so n so horny dat i wudn't take it no mo n chose to masturbate,

i lyk masturbating it feelz so uhhhh nicee

p.s im from masturbatin befo' writin dis def;)
dodane przez im fresh n yes! ooohhh yesssss kwiecień 26, 2009
6 40
mas-tur-bait, verb. self-stimulation of the genetalia which may or may not end in an orgasm
mother: "I'd better not catch you touching yourself down there again!"
teenager: "Mom! I swear I wasn't..."
mother: "Well, let me tell you this, every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten!"
teenager: "I guess I should think of the kittens."
dodane przez Neddy Ludd marzec 10, 2006
29 65
pulral of masturbat
the dog masterbates the man.
dodane przez jessica marzec 16, 2005
26 65
throwing the javelin
alan threw the javelin several times during the PE lesson
dodane przez Thomas Edward Ivens maj 03, 2003
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