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The star of the webcomic, A Modest Destiny.
dodane przez Kenthar październik 01, 2003
The KinG and your new lord!
If you are readin this now you are my slave.
dodane przez jizzman zero marzec 12, 2003
An extremely primative primate of the Zervos genesis. A Maxim Zervos or "Max" as it has become known as, usualy has greasy skin with black greasy hair all over his body to protect his extremely white skin. "Max" is also known to have sever wog tendencies, such as attacking a rare and enourmous beast known as a Michael when he becomes enraged at it's own stupidity.
SHIT! Max has that evil, murderous look in his eyes. I better run to save my own tits.
dodane przez Fat Michael marzec 14, 2003
Maxim; A person who is commonly known as "nerd". description will lead you to a person with a huge nose, burried in acne. although, not only the nose is harmed by acne... all of the maxim is.

not to start a conversation with, very scary!!
"Woww! look at that guy scripting all day long, what a maxim!"

"Ieeehl look at that grose pile of donkey shit, totally like maxim's nose!"

"To be maxim or not to be, that is NOT a question because you don't want to be like him!"
dodane przez john styczeń 13, 2005
Not the king..the LOSER..he is my slave! i rule him!!
Max Z ya gay
dodane przez keebra chic marzec 14, 2003