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The real plural of moose. Many people, including the dictionary and English teachers, will attempt to tell you that "meese" is not correct. However, please consider the following:
One goose = goose
One moose = moose
Two+ goose = geese
Two+ moose = meese?
Yes, meese is grammatically correct. Don't let them fool you.
Look at that wild flock of meese!
dodane przez delovely maj 24, 2005
1112 343
The REAL plural of moose. no matter what your mom or all of your friends say, they are LYING TO YOU when they tell you "meese" is not the plural of moose.
Diana: "What is the plural of moose?"
Sammie: "Meese!"
Diana: "No it's not!"
Sammie: "YES IT IS."
... and so on.
dodane przez diana shelby wrzesień 08, 2008
330 219
The plural form of moose.
dodane przez SolidSRaiden grudzień 06, 2002
362 291
Plural. More than one moose.
Hey Wilbur, there was a whole pack of wild meese...over yonder.
dodane przez Ian C. wrzesień 10, 2005
231 178
the plural form of moose
a herd of meese
dodane przez sean gsizzle styczeń 29, 2009
133 93
In the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Pixie and Dixie (and Mr. Jinks)", "meeses" is what Mr. Jinx called both mice.
"...look at them, those meeses..."
dodane przez Koby Fish czerwiec 10, 2004
38 12
Plural of moose.
Dave: "I think I see a moose over there!"

Sam: "There is two of them, two Meese!"
dodane przez Karlos32503510 czerwiec 17, 2009
103 81