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1.a word used to describe something that you find cool; to have pizazz; to posses a lot of amazingness.
2. to have pattern. (but it's more fun to use it to describe something that doesn't have any type of pattern/rhythm just to piss off your art teacher =]
whoa! look at that girl's outfit. it has a lot of motif.
dodane przez peach =] styczeń 08, 2009
31 14
A word used to call women fat.
Molly looks motif in that dress today.
dodane przez Jamarcus Alfonsaico maj 25, 2009
5 25
Nearly or all of the usual complement of teeth in an adult head; at least 24 teeth; at least 12 teeth (West Virginia)
"My buddy would eat corn on the cob mo' often if he had motif."
dodane przez DJ Snickaz kwiecień 02, 2003
17 45
Any object

Dedicated to Holly Fretwell
e.g. thats a nice little motif (thats a nice top)
dodane przez Becky and Amy grudzień 11, 2006
7 40