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mascot for the best damn team in college football...the WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS
lets go........mountaineers
dodane przez BIGGEST MOUNTAINEER FAN IN THE DAMN WORLD grudzień 11, 2003
Nickname of the world famous and world class West Virginia University, also known as WVU. The Mountaineers are by far the best football team in the Big East, winning three straight conference championships (no, Pitt fans, you can't say the same thing, cause Pitt sucks). Also home of the best basketball coach in the nation, John Beilein.
Did you see the Mountaineers destroy Georgia in the Sugar Bowl?

Pittsburgh Panthers are a bunch of whimps, they ain't got no guts. Ask any Mountaineer and he'll tell you that the Panthers really suck!
dodane przez WVU_Jay lipiec 02, 2006
Someone who partcipates in one of the world's truest sports: Climbing mountains.
Sir Edmund Hillary, Ed Viesturs or Conrad Anker.
dodane przez jason grudzień 18, 2003
verb (Mountaineers, Mountaineering; past and past participle Mountaineered)

The act of losing a football game to an opponent (typically, Syracuse) that your fan base considered to be so inferior that it was an insult to have to play them. This superiority complex is made all the more glaring by the fact that your team is historically mediocre, and by many indications fairly evenly matched to the opponent. Despite losing, claims of superiority usually persist after the game, with comments such as, "we didn't really care about this game," "our conference is better," or, "we're in the AAU!" being employed to make up for the loss. Most perplexing, fan bases have been known to continue to refer to the winning opponent as "very, very bad." These feelings of superiority are sometimes aided by confusing conference affiliation for team affiliation.

West Virginia vs Syracuse, 2012 Pinstripe Bowl: Origin of the word. In the weeks leading up to the game, commentators on The Smoking Musket complained that they deserved a better opponent than Syracuse. West Virginia lost the game, 38-14.

Maryland vs Syracuse, Nov. 9, 2013: Prior to the game fans on Testudo Times counted Syracuse as an easy win. Maryland lost to Syracuse, 20-3. After the game, Syracuse was called "very, very bad" on the blog.

Minnesota vs Syracuse, 2013 Texas Bowl: Like West Virginia a year before, commentators on The Daily Gopher complained that they deserved a better bowl and opponent. Minnesota lost 21-17.
Despite being warned that they risked Mountaineering, and despite having only a single 9-win season since 1905, Minnesota fans claimed they were superior to Syracuse, and would surely beat them soundly.

Minnesota Mountaineered the game, 21-17.
dodane przez ccap83 grudzień 28, 2013
Mascot of the amazing, history making Appalachian State University football team from Boone, North Carolina.

Important to note, "Appalachian" pronounced "app-uh-latch-un." Failure to properly pronounce the Mountaineers hometown will likely result in an ass kicking from said Mountaineers. And you do NOT want an ass kicking from a Mountaineer.
So, wait, which team won three consecutive national championships and beat Michigan in a season opener?

Cmon man, you know it was them Mountaineers!
dodane przez proud app alumn styczeń 02, 2008
the REAL best football team around, Division II Champs 3 years in a row! GO APPALACHIAN STATE!!
those asu mountaineers kick ass!
dodane przez kayemewe październik 22, 2008
When Boone girls get in a pyrimid (like Cheerleaders) and one guy works his way from the bottom to the top.
1: Dude, what did you do last night?
2. Last night I did a mountaineer with 6 girls, it was awesome.
dodane przez YosefSC2 listopad 19, 2009
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