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When you eat something that causes you to make pleasurable sounds out loud, exactly like the ones that you make when you have a orgasm.
"Oh my god, mmmmm, Oh my god, mmmmm, oh fuck".

"Are you ok"?

"Yeah. I think I just had a mouthgasm though".
#mouth #orgasam #taste #pleasure #audible noises.
dodane przez Made you look czerwiec 18, 2014
to experiance an orgasmic-like reaction to the tasting of food!
(laura eats charles's curry) "woah charles! like total mouthgasm!"
#mouthgasm #orgasm #sexualise #hump #truck
dodane przez Charles Sterling kwiecień 07, 2006
When one eats something that causes sensation in one's mouth unlike any other, rising to a height of orgasm in the mouth.
When the syrupy eggs touched my mouth, I couldn't believe the sensation I was experiencing. The mouthgasm was inevitable.
#mouth #orgasm #sex #dpc #pipes
dodane przez DPC MARRY ME styczeń 24, 2009
when food is so good it feels like your having an orgasm in your mouth.
Ashley: Omg, did you taste the chicken patty at lunch today?
Tina: Yes, it was soo good i was having a mouthgasm.
#mouth #orgasm #chicken patty #ashley #tina
dodane przez Terry from Reno 911! październik 02, 2007
When something tastes extremely unbeliveably good.
That grilled cheese was so good it was like a mouth gasm.
#mouthgasm #orgasmic #orgasm #excellent #amazing
dodane przez uno531 lipiec 10, 2008
An orgasm-like experience resulting from eating wonderful food.
"Dude, that steak just gave me a total mouthgasm."
#mouth gasm #flavorblast #puke-up #orgasm #your mom
dodane przez im.a.ninjahhhhhhhhhh październik 20, 2009
The physical and emotional sensation experienced during peak flavor sensation, usually resulting from stimulation by eating something wonderful, and usually accompanied by a moan of pleasure.
"I took a bite of that desert and it gave me a mouthgasm."

"Oh man, that mouthgasm was so intense I may have to go rub one out!"
#eating #flavor #orgasm #sex #flavorgasm #moaning
dodane przez Choch Pants styczeń 01, 2009
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