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The process of taking off ones space ships, known as Zigs. This is often done after being instructed to Take off every Zig.
Move Zig, move zig. For great justice, take off every zig.
dodane przez Axeraider67 listopad 19, 2006
to move quickly. Sometimes for great justice.
But more commonly used to motivate a group of co-workers to get up off their fat asses and go for lunch.
dude, it's lunch time. let's move zig.
dodane przez Deluxxe grudzień 04, 2003
A classic Zero Wing quote.
Move Zig. For great justice.
dodane przez runnin' around październik 25, 2006
In the intro of the video game, Zero Wing, one of the last comments says to "Move every Zig."

This has been adopted as "Let's move out" or "let's roll!"
"Guys, there's a sale at first and main! Move zig!"
dodane przez Elp marzec 24, 2005
An exclmation in leet, roughly meaning "let's go"
The new Half-Life XP is on sale. Move 'zig'!
dodane przez l33t_sup4_h4x0r! w00t! listopad 26, 2003