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meaning 'well of course dumbass!'
other phrases like this include grass is green
bob: i lost my brain! =)
jim: no shit sherlock
dodane przez =virus.exe= listopad 30, 2004
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A phrase often used towards someone who states the obvious.
"There is snow outside, it must be cold"
"No shit Sherlock!"
dodane przez NowhereMan listopad 04, 2004
842 126

what you say when someone says something very obvious.
Dude: tomorow is monday. we have school on mondays.
Dude 2: no shit sherlock!
dodane przez Hugs4TheEmoKid czerwiec 24, 2005
807 191
A very sarcastic way of saying: obviosly.
(Sherlock Holmes was a detective in a classic series of books.)
Holy crap! You have a trampoline?

No shit sherlock!
dodane przez colonel klink marzec 29, 2005
813 239
Stating something obvious, this is a sarcastic way of saying "It's very obvious, you can shut up now."

The victim can follow up with "Fuck you Watson" or similar to defend themselves.
"I skipped 80 of the 100 questions on this test, I might get a bad mark!"
"No Shit Sherlock."
"Fuck You Watson."
dodane przez Voldemort Less than 3 maj 14, 2009
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A phrase that shows something is obvious.
Two walk into a mansion.

Person 1: Wow! This is a big place!

Person 2: Well No Shit Sherlock!
dodane przez Dr. M0 wrzesień 12, 2009
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A full of sarcasm phrase used to state what you're saying is obvious.
Dumbass: "Do you have a bathroom?"

You: "No shit Sherlock, what do you think?"
dodane przez vallansealaconchadelaloraputos maj 05, 2013
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