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A furious bout of anal sex, often without lube.
I'd rather leak santorum for a week than have a nork.
dodane przez Jane H. maj 04, 2005
1518 210
Breasts. Australian slang. Derived from the prominent udders on the cow used to advertise Norco, New South Wales' North Coast Dairy Co-Operative.
Crikey! Check out the norks on that shiela!
dodane przez Skyring sierpień 06, 2004
381 70
Boobies, breasticles, breasts, tits, puppies, gazongas, babylons, call them what you will, and I personally have a great pair.

Should have renamed 'em years ago as NORKS!

"Check out the norks on her!"

"Scuse me love, you've got a great pair of norks!"
dodane przez Posh birds do it better październik 14, 2005
154 52
Breasts, particularly the female variety. Australian in origin (i think)
Whoarr - check out the norks on that Shelia
dodane przez Wolly listopad 01, 2002
171 69
of or pertaining to North Korea or its inhabitants.
a native or inhabitant of North Korea.
Dude! I think that Nork guy's getting in a fight!
dodane przez wherethehellismyslurpee? listopad 25, 2010
95 48
n. Tits; knockers. Also norkers, norgs, norgers, breasts.
"Look at the norks on her!"
dodane przez Coxy listopad 10, 2003
66 36
A Geordie (North-east England dialect)term for a huge or perfectly presented pair of shapely female breasts Tits, mamories, wheelbarrow chest, fried eggs
'Lucy, you've got a canny pair of norks, pet. You've given me a semi"
dodane przez Davey czerwiec 19, 2006
71 45