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that thing that you watch, after paying 5$ then sit in your room crying about what you did.
and yes, your parents will see, "Chezkelsovokian Virgins Unleashed 34" on the bill.
Dude im bored, i guess ill watch On Demand before mom and dad get home.
dodane przez ZBreezy czerwiec 28, 2009
1. To be prepared to provide a good or service immediatly.

2. A prostitute or person who is ready and willing at a moments notice to go to a location and perform sexual acts, either for free or a fee, and is usually highly desired for their services.

3. A cable- provided form of watching television by which previously aired programs (usually not worth watching) are accessed by a user via their Digital Cable box to be viewed (either for free or for a small fee) for a period of 24 hours. The user can control the program as if it were on DVD or VHS.
1. "Sally was on demand for when bob wanted his beer."

2. "That hooker is on demand tonight, she's got 4 high paying johns lined up."

3. "The cable company launched its OnDemand service last week for its digital users, but no one uses it because it's not up to par yet."
dodane przez Chickens Wife czerwiec 13, 2004
To get something "on demand" or "on-demand" is to get it whenever you want it, usually using the Internet.
I can get music on demand at (website), and movies on demand with pay-per-view.
dodane przez WombatAscension czerwiec 13, 2004
a program found in the Comcast Digital Cable menu. Turn to channel 1 and the screen will turn black for a few seconds and will say: One Moment Please. Then this menu will show up and you pick the categories, movies, shows, and music. The HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime & TMC On-Demand is free. The other movies, which are brought to you by Comcast, which are new releases within 2-3 years will cost you about $2.00-$4.00.
Comcast Digital Cable Guy: Hey where do you think your going buddy?

Bob: I'm going to the video store to rent a movie.

Comcast Digital Cable Guy: Why do that if you have on demand on your digital cable box?

Bob: I don't know but I'm gonna go home and watch some on demand!.
dodane przez The Cable Guy lipiec 20, 2004
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