(1) A sexual act whereby you and your partner are having sex in a shower when one of you farts therby sealing in the aroma. (2) a sexual act whereby you and your parner have sex in the shower when another person befouls the bathroom you are in by defecatingin the toilet thus trapping the aroma.
Example 1: Brian and I were getting it on in the shower when he dropped ass and we otter boxing from then on.

Example 2: Brian and I were getting it on in the shower when tony pooped in the toilet and stunk up the bathroom. It was otter boxing from then on.
dodane przez Muckwa czerwiec 20, 2010
Top Definition
The act of throwing one's otterbox-encased iPhone at another, often exclaiming "otter box" as the phone strikes the person.
me: that hurt

sarah: yeah, and I will be otter boxing you until you grow a pair
dodane przez nomnompersona luty 08, 2011
A three person sexual act where someone is getting done from behind while also sucking a penis. The person behind plugs the ears while the person in front plugs the nose, thereby making an airtight seal.
Dude we totally otterboxed that cute guy last night in Laguna. Man, I love otterboxing.
dodane przez Trizzietrey październik 02, 2015
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