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When an adult wrongfully engages in any kind of sexual contact with chldren or anyone below the concenting age
The man was arrested for being a peadophile
dodane przez not included wrzesień 06, 2003
Hilarious mispelling of paedophilia or pedophilia, depending what language you are speaking.
George: I hate peadophiles!
Bob: Do you mean paedophiles?
George: Noo... I mean, people who want to fuck peas... leave me alone.
dodane przez Marcus lipiec 29, 2004
Lesile Strong
you is a peado
dodane przez Tomo marzec 26, 2003
What yoan frequently indulges in.
yoan has been caught engaging in peadophilia once again.
dodane przez Yoan luty 01, 2003