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In prison, a white guy who will put up a fight.
On the inside, you're either a white boy, or a peckerwood.
dodane przez Envenible luty 20, 2009
173 135
Usually used as a way to describe white guys who aren't afraid to fight in prison.
"Those Aryan Brotherhood boys are some real peckerwoods, not like the punk that just moved in my cell."
dodane przez Woody14 marzec 19, 2007
299 262
peckerwood or peckah wood is an afro american derogatory term for a poor white.Or redneck,honkie or cracker.
Look at that flat assed peckerwood bitch.
dodane przez wigger marzec 09, 2005
96 74
A prison term describing someone of the white race. A down ass whiteboy. It takes more strength.. A down wood.
What's his story? He's a peckerwood, a real down ass wood.
dodane przez Down ass wood. kwiecień 07, 2009
151 131
A REAL white boy that slaps the shit out of fake ass niggers.
"Look at that PECKERWOOD stomping those niggers for talking shit".
dodane przez REALPECKERWOODRAGE01 wrzesień 13, 2008
236 220
A bigoted term for an individual of European descent.
"Goddamn Pecker-Woods..."
dodane przez Auaine listopad 26, 2003
85 69
A good, but much-maligned, white person.

Peckerwoods do not hijack airplanes. They don't expect society to take care of them. They never demand socialist medicine. No peckerwood ever prances in a parade wearing a jock strap.

Peckerwoods mind their own business and are not a burden on society. Be nice to peckerwoods. Take a peckerwood to lunch this week!
Hey, any of you peckerwoods want to go to lunch this week?
dodane przez Joao Bufamarillo maj 26, 2005
162 158