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1. A slang term for "penis" usually used by little kids.
Mr. Thompson's peeper is bent.
dodane przez Terry kwiecień 05, 2004
A persons eyes
If that Gasoline would have flew in my Peepers, I definitly wouldn't be seeing right now.
dodane przez Ashley42 sierpień 02, 2008
A guy who stares at womens breasts.
Can you believe it? I caught him like five times. Tom is such a peeper its unreal.
dodane przez Big Jon B. kwiecień 23, 2009
Someone who tries to look up other girls skirts.
He's looking up Sarah's skirt! Damn, he's such a peeper.
dodane przez biatch1018 marzec 05, 2009
Boobs, tits, jugs, breasts.
Butters: We saw a girl naked, and you could see her whole peepers. We might go to hell.
dodane przez Phelon listopad 15, 2003
girl with pretty eyes
she had some great peepers
dodane przez kristina aka peeper luty 28, 2005
pre-dump bionic farts
When you fart a lot before you tack a crap.
dodane przez fatoni luty 06, 2003