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The food for or excrement of small rodents such as the guinea pig.
"Eat a pellet, make a pellet, eat a pellet, make a pellet!"
dodane przez EmpTheodosius czerwiec 12, 2006
20 5
Something which falls pathetically short of being acceptable.
dodane przez OC Hamster sierpień 04, 2003
8 5
a bitter person, who is difficult to deal with
I was trying to help, but he was such a pellet about it I gave up.
dodane przez tcb listopad 04, 2003
14 12
Pellet is a dude in sweden who lives his life in slow motion! We call these slowmo living guys pellets or runksepe!
Olle - I'll pick u up at 7 PM
Pellets - I'll be there buddy! (but he never shows up earlier then 7:15 it's their rule of thumb, those Pellets).
dodane przez DevilsTounge! marzec 11, 2010
2 2
No, not the one which comes out of a gun, but out of your bum. When the solidity of a turd breaks down in to smaller fragments. The scientific name of a fragment is a pellet.
I had an AK47 up my ass which fired so viciously it sprayed the toilet and walls with many a pellet.
dodane przez back scuttle man październik 23, 2003
9 11
safer alternative to BB. my ass. these things can put ur fuckin eye out. they can also kill you. yea. alot safer than fuckin BBs. at least wen ppl use BBs they noe that they are dangerous. however, when ppl use pellets they are under the impression that they are safe. my ass.
i got shot my some dumbass with a pellet, and now im blind.
dodane przez asswipe styczeń 21, 2005
7 11