A pussy that is really nasty and fishy.
Boy 1: I Licked out Monica yesterday
Boy 2: OMG you didnt! i heard she had a right pig-pen
dodane przez RAA123 lipiec 17, 2008
A word used to describe something/someone disgusting. In our day and age we use negative words to describe things in a positive way, so to be pigpen means to be unstoppable at whatever activity it is you are participating in.

Pigpen refers to the infamous peanuts character who can bearely be seen through the cloud of dust and dirt that follows him. He is the epitome of disgusting.
John didn't miss a shot in our game yesterday. He pwned the other team because he is so fuckin' pigpen.
dodane przez Fusco marzec 09, 2006
Tactic used by police, in which protests are smashed by police coercing protesters into a small space and then keeping them there by surrounding them and attacking anyone who tries to break out or asks to leave. Normally combined with verbal abuse and periodic baton charges against the protesters. It is basically a form of inhumane and extrajudicial imprisonment.

Those held in pigpens often include not only protesters of all descriptions (and not only the ones cops claim to be targeting), and also anyone else who's on the scene, e.g. tourists, journalists, shoppers, local residents.

The tactic has been used fairly regularly by British police against anti-capitalist protesters at events such as Mayday, Disarm DSEi and also at animal rights protests (all of which rely on small numbers of mobile people in small groups to cause disruption).

Referred to as "corralling" in pig-speak; pigpen is the usual term used by protesters. I've also heard it referred to as a kettle, because it's identical to the tactic by this name which was used by the Russian army in Stalingrad.
On Mayday 2001, protesters and assorted others were kept in a pigpen for over 8 hours (with the exception of a large contingent who, led by the White Overall contingent, the Wombles, managed to break out). There were no toilets, no proper medical facilities and it was pouring with rain, and cops made periodic attacks on the crowd, forcing people closer together. There was a real danger of a Hillsborough-style crush, although the real purpose of the attacks seems to be to get "riot" footage to put on the news, so as to make excuses for the cop violence.

Those oppressed by the pigs in this way included also a large number of shoppers on Oxford Street, workers who were returning home, and even two German tourists who cops wouldn't let leave even when they showed their plane tickets - they missed their flight as a result.
dodane przez annoyed anarchist maj 01, 2004
A bunch of useless,low lifes that fuck and suck everyone they can,plus each other. These people are also known as home wreckers. They do not do not give a shit who they hurt in the process. They get more turned on knowing the other person has a family at home.
That Pig Pen better stay the fuck away from my man or I will will send her to the slaughter house.
dodane przez Rhonda Rumschik styczeń 13, 2009
The act of having sex in feces, human or animal. Often anal beads are used to trigger the engagement.
Joe and Sally had a pigpen.
dodane przez International Steve listopad 21, 2005
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