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A wire coat hanger that is bent out straight and then folder over on itslef several times. Used to beat a whore.
The whore got beat down with a pimp stick.
dodane przez yo mama wrzesień 11, 2003
231 58
A walking stick or cane.
Carried by pimps is usually high quality wood (i.e. mahogany, ebony, teak) fitted with gold accents as well as jewels
my pimp stick's gleaming
dodane przez Monica Fontenot grudzień 16, 2003
115 55
fancy and/or shiny object used to beat you bitch ass ho
Your ho needs a beat'n with my pimpstick!
dodane przez 1an wrzesień 19, 2006
43 9
A tool typically constructed by guerrilla pimps to keep their prostitutes in line. Pimp sticks are made from two wire coat hangers where one has the end cut of and the looped though the first one. Finished tool should have a slight "Y" shape to it.
Jerome needed to get his money from his bitch and had to use pimp sticks to beat it from her.
dodane przez Anonymous luty 23, 2003
18 8
A persuasive device used to bring other individuals in line with your thinking. Often constructed with wire clothes hangers and duct tape.
The mention of pimp sticks is often all that is necessary to bring order to some potentially explosive situations.
dodane przez Buckwild czerwiec 13, 2003
10 4
A stick that pimps carry around that is covered wit diamonds and jewels. Often contains a hidden sword inside of it.
"I killed a few haters with my pimp stick."
dodane przez Pimpmaster 5000 luty 22, 2005
56 59
another name for my penis
"after you've tried the pimp stick there's no going back"
dodane przez someguywhocantbelievenoone... wrzesień 09, 2011
16 26