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Humorous misspelling of the word "penis." Comes from a translation of a Fate/Stay Night parody comic, where the translators kept the Japanese convention of using circles to edit out certain letters of certain words; the self-censored term for "penis" thus appeared as "p•n•s", and conceivably as "ponos," "pOnOs" or "p0n0s" - all variations which have been used on the internet. Usually used in conjunction with another similarly censored term, vagooo.
Put your ponos up to my vagooo and j-JAM IT IN! (Actual usage from the original Fate/Stay Night parody)
dodane przez Michael Whatsit kwiecień 03, 2007
119 29
Hawaiian word saying, to make the right choices; Righteousness
The students behaved very pono
dodane przez hawaiianchika czerwiec 01, 2009
66 30
In Hawaiian, the generic name for everybody.
Noah: Eh, Aunty Miyamoto!
Aunty Miyamoto: Eh, Pono!
dodane przez CM Oreo kwiecień 19, 2004
64 55
A guy with extremely good social skills and high intellect. Extremely sexy and good at sports and an amazing musician. HAHA SUCK MY GRITS
1. Pono is so talented

2. Pono likes to do people.
dodane przez jackieieieieie wrzesień 18, 2012
5 4
abbreviated porno aka the good shit
i funna go watch some po'no n play NFL Street.
dodane przez PapaDoc maj 16, 2005
2 3
A word thats describes a friend or calls a friend not by his name

like dude

or bro
1.whats up pono

2.hey pono how the surf

3.pono you have a big cock
dodane przez alexprieto czerwiec 23, 2009
14 23
A person, who says sexual remarks through an intense and competitive match.
Your such a pono bitch ass hoe! Get the fuck outta here before I beat your ass!
dodane przez Knights_of_the_round listopad 04, 2010
5 22