Posers are sort of jive turkeys, they have a phobia of showing their true selves to the world, therefore; to counter-balance their fear, they try to fit-in by appealing to society and swallowing whatever the media shoves down their throats.
Alex is a preppy guy with almost no style that listens to whatever music his big brother listens to. One day, Alex becomes friends with Roger. Roger on the other hand has mad style, does graffiti and listens to underground RAP. A week later, Alex decides to start dressing up like Roger, listen to the same music and also claims to have a passion for graffiti...

Now my friends, this is a perfect example of a poser. Someone who's affraid to be judged, and rathers blending in... In sum, alex is a Robot, a society drone, an empty soul.
dodane przez Thesis Statement marzec 26, 2008
I can define this in one word --

Billy - Dude, did you go to that Manson concert last night?

Poser - TOTALLY! He was the shiz!

Billy - Oh really? What was your favorite song of his?

Poser - Uhhhhh.... i dont remember the name

Billy - Exactly.
dodane przez ilovejbiscuit listopad 21, 2007
a "poser" is a person who sees a popular culture and suckles onto it like a leech, hoping to become "cool"
Ash "oreyt lads, u heard i bet you look good on the dancefloor? reyt tune that!"
Jim "yea! the Arctic Monkeys are OK"
Ash "The arctic who?"
dodane przez GREEN DAY DID NOT INVENT PUNK YOU STUPID BASTARD! październik 05, 2006
Someone who thinks about what they want to be (punk,goth,ghetto, etc.) They are called posers and they piss off the real goths, emos, ghetto, etc. You have to grow into something, not choose it.
" I want to be goth because they are cool, and outcasts are in this year."
dodane przez ~gothica~ wrzesień 26, 2006
A person who trys to be something there not and they say they like something then they really dont just stupid.
A good charlotte or simple plan fan

Lyke OMFG GC & SP RAWKKKKK. Lyke lets go moshpit at there concert

dodane przez screwitjustdance lipiec 25, 2005
The wrong spelling to the word 'poseur.' Meaning a person who pretends to be something they are not.
"I'm so skater with my DC shoes and my walwart skateboard, althught i really do not know how to skate."
dodane przez Dish.Soap czerwiec 03, 2005
everybody according to someone. in reality a poser is someone who pretends to be someone they are not. only acting a certain way because they want to be accepted. the problem is someone is going to call you a poser no matter what. the term has lost all meaning really. i once heard a jackass call marilyn manson a poser. really? who is he trying to be if not simply himself? so in short everybody is a poser apparently.
bob: have you listened to the new gwar album?

jack: you like gwar? you're such a poser.

bob: you're a fucking idiot. why do we even hang out?
dodane przez JONNYNEKRO kwiecień 23, 2011

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