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enthusiastically ready for something, stoked
dude I am so primed for that babefest at Kristy's tonight!
dodane przez bonzai luty 23, 2005
To get drunk/buzzed in advance before going to a bar or club to avoid the expensive drinks there.
Hey Mark lets get primed before the club
dodane przez peee ceee teee vee październik 14, 2007
1. A slang Term meaning drunk.

2. Possibly Australia's biggest rock band.
Man i was so Primed last night

I love Primed!
dodane przez littlelouie13 grudzień 30, 2005
when your penis is erect.
she had my dick primed.
dodane przez Anonymous lipiec 02, 2003
To be ravaged by sexy table tennis world champions after a crushing defeat at the hands of a coworker.
I'm a little sleepy after getting primed all night by the ladies at SPiN.
dodane przez bigmantonyd październik 23, 2014