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1. Opposite of ricer

2. Someone who competes against someone or a timer to see who will finish first/do a course quickest.

3. Or, more simply, someone who races.
1. There was this ricer Honda Del Sol with 18" rims, two-tone paint, a Sobe can for a muffler, and a spoiler that was taller than the damn car on the deck, and there was a 5.0 Mustang with a Magnaflow exhaust, a Ford Racing crate engine, and some pretty decent 17" BBS wheels. Guess who wins? Thats right. Teh racer.

2. Michael Schumaccher, Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, Juan Pabo Montoya, etc.

3. 2.
dodane przez zomgwtflolbbq kwiecień 14, 2007
a term designated to people who cannot go under 100mph on a open road. one who does all mods themselves and does it right, and someone who doesnt have a big dumb ricer wing on their trunk. without racing a racer would have a big part of his life missing
wow that guy is going 140mph on IH-35, obviously he is a RACER!!!
dodane przez Nixon,M październik 18, 2008
(rā'sər) n. One who makes false claims of racism in order to avoid answering legitimate arguments. Especially in political discussions. This word is derived from "Race" in the same manner as Truther and Birther come from "Truth" and "Birth".
While chatting online "Joe" expresses a dislike for a non-white politicians policies. The person he is chatting with, "John" accuses him of being a racist, and rather than discuss the details of the policy, continues the accusations of racism. Since "John" would not discuss the issue, and only had the race card as an argument, "John" is a racer.
dodane przez deadcrow wrzesień 25, 2009
In politics, a racer is a believer in the big evil conspiracy of tea partiers, conservatives, libertarians, and moderates who disagree with the policies of Barrack Obama and/or seek freer market solutions to economic problems (supposedly a well hidden conspiracy, since you won't hear/see any evidence of this at a typical tea party event). The conspiracy is basically that this ideology is all, mostly, or centrally revolving around race, rather than economic policy (which they actually talk about on a regular and primary basis).

Racers' supposed evidence includes:
1) The president is black, so if you disagree with him you must be a white racist.
2) There are a lot of white people at tea party events (although more blacks and latinos than, say, a Green Day concert or a G20 protest, drawing great speculation on those groups' obviously racist roots).
3) ???
4) Profit. (Dismissal of rational and historically/economically astute argument.)

Origins: Much like other single-issue 21st century political conspiracy theories, the word is a conjunction of a single theme or platitude with "er." Like "truther" (9/11 truth conspiracy theorist) "birther" (Obama birth certificate conspiracy theorist) and "deather" (Bin Laden death conspiracy theorist), we now have "racer" (tea party race conspiracy theorist).
Contessa Brewer of MSNBC ranted about a man at a tea party event with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder, tying it into dangerous white racism and saying it's because there's a black man in the white house. It was while airing a video of the man edited (cropped) to not show his face or hands.. and as it turns out the man was black, and like most tea partiers not dangerous and not very concerned about the race of the president. ... Contessa Brewer is definitely a racer.
dodane przez Vet223 maj 06, 2011
A person that consistently explains others actions as a result of race. This is usually veiled reverse-racism.
Ralph is such a racer! He told me today that republicans don't like Barack Obama because Obama is black.
dodane przez MrGeoMetro maj 19, 2011
Losers in tights who think that the fastest is the best.
Bob: Hey look at that silly racer with the tight pants.

Bobby: Doesn't he know that it'll kill his sperm?
dodane przez D0u61a5 maj 21, 2009
A non-racist person who makes racist comments, usually in search of humor. A common find on Internet message boards
omg Mike, you sound like such a racer in that post.
dodane przez namename765 luty 17, 2010
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