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something horrible, discusting, sick.
Guy1: I smell my socks.
Guy2: Arhh mate thats rank.
dodane przez ~*OnEiLlChIC*~ maj 01, 2004
Something/someone poor, gross, ugly, "ew".
The blanket on Roseanne's couch is rank.

dodane przez Chum, JSA and Bessie (Not Rank) maj 21, 2005
something which is 'rank' is disgusting - for example it may be used with reference to food or smells or mental images.
'aw, man, that's rank'
dodane przez coffeeblonde listopad 22, 2004
to make fun of; to diss someone for no particular reason
oh, you got ranked on.
dodane przez Ian luty 28, 2004
something that smells horribly bad, or disgusting
farts are rank
dodane przez stella luty 13, 2004
Maxime's underwear is fucking rank
dodane przez mpred maj 28, 2010
something completely nasty, dirty or gross
Bob: "dude do you smell that? i think its comin from the cafeteria"

Rob: "oh man that shit smells rank"
dodane przez Mint1 listopad 18, 2009